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Hunting Adventures

Black Birds

Many of my hunting adventures are the same routine. We start out prowling the fields. Sometimes we end up going back into the bayou. There is this big flood pond, and every year thousands of birds are migrating. It is very easy to hit one off a tree or out of the air.

Some of the coolest looking blackbirds are red-winged blackbirds. Many times my friend and I have come back with a mature male red-winged blckbird.


My friends are also good hunters. We usually come back with at least a bird each. Sometimes our overall total is 12.


There is this place by my neighborhood where a lot of kids go to ride their bikes. It is a lot of bike jumps with a lot of brush and trees. In other words it is a hunters paradise.


When the birds migrate, and there are hundreds of thousands of birds. We walk to a feild and shoot into the tree which is covered in blackbirds.